Where to buy DM4800 spare knobs?


Oct 13, 2013
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Hi guys one of plastic knobs (dark grey) on DM4800 just broke on half, does anyone know where i can buy spare knobs except Tascam official site? They don't need to be original just well build. :( Thanks for any info.
Why not just call up Tascam's customer service? Chances are they'll have what you want. May not be the cheapest price in town, but it'll be the correct part.

Most electronics companies purchase knobs and switches from other suppliers. but finding which ones and what model of part isn't always easy. However, if you don't care about originality, and can handle a weird color or - perhaps - some 'modifications' - you could look here:


Thanks CaptDan i will check their site. Tascam is asking cca €5 for one knob and this is a bit pricey. Last year i saw on Frankfurt Messe company with hundreds kinds of knobs but i dont know where i have their catalog :(
I don't know what the rate of exchange is lately, but I'm assuming 5Euros is approximately $8 US. To be honest, even if it were more, and the shipping weren't too expensive, it's not a bad deal. Tascam has to mark up the costs for these things; the economy of scale isn't there and maintaining an inventory of parts like these isn't lucrative, I would think.

I had to replace the clear Lexan over my DM's screen a few years ago. It was about $45 dollars. A similar grade and size of material at a supplier like Tap Plastic would be around $4.00. But, honestly, it was worth the additional $35; the adhesive was already attached, it was the correct type and thickness, and I didn't have to do anything special but follow the instructions the good folks at Tascam provided. In fact, they walked me through the replacement procedure by phone.

It's that old Golden Triangle Concept: Good - Fast - Cheap. Pick any TWO sides. :)

Captdan and I have very similar approaches to a lot of things, it seems, and this is one more. I am always willing to pay a couple of dollars more for a item I know will fit or work or put a given unit back the way it was. It's some kind of completionist thing... I'd never be happy with the wrong knob, and at the rate I bill my time it not worth spending even an hour on the Internet tracking down another source for th same thing. I'd just buy it from Tascam and be done.
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I ask for that because console i bought has 35 knobs from other company im not happy with and now when broke other original knob i thought its time to replace them all to get it in shape, thats why i was asking for recommendation of any suitable knobs with reasonable price. But like i see ill go for Tascam's for cca €350. Thanks for opinions.
Dude, I thought you had 1 knob to replace.

How does one break off one of these knobs, anyway? Were you trying to pick up the console using it as a handle? :)
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I don't know why broke last one. I was gently adjusting pan and knob just broke on half. Im very careful to my ¨baby¨ :) and because there is more non original knobs i thing that original are very fragile. But i give them second chance :)
35 replacement knobs? :eek: Yes - I can see how replacing that many might cause a bit of deficit in one's finances. But - other than Jim's salient question about confusing plastic controls with a lifting apparatus - how can that many knobs be damaged? Here are some wild guesses:

1. The mixer was used as a location audio device by a film crew engaged in live detonation work, and a rigged effect went sideways.

2. The console was used as a live performance mixer, and instead of a sturdy, proper hard case to protect it during transport, it was stuffed inside a bed blanket.

3. An edgy country and western band who wore more than cowboy hats on stage, fired their .44 Ruger Blackhawks at the audio guy. Fortunately the rounds missed the tech, but did some wholesale damage to the DM.

4. Unable to achieve a proper balance of the above referenced band, that same audio tech - in a fit of frustration - fired his own weapon at the mixer.

5. The mixer slipped off a shelf. :idea:

Seriously, though, despite the fact the DM's pots and encoder knobs are made of plastic, they're not exactly flimsy junk. It takes some serious abuse to break 'em, methinx. :rolleyes:

Guy i both this desk from said that he is first owner and has it in home studio. I believe he said truth. Nice Guy to chat with and he offer me help with settings and further support over phone or email. Great seller to deal with. Over all desk is in great condition no marks of usage at all even i was surprised when come, it was as brand new with printed manuals ect. Everything is working 100 % and only things i have problem are plastic knobs (above faders, compressor, aux sends)
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plastic knobs (above faders, compressor, aux sends

If you're able to, it would be interesting if you could upload some photos of what you're talking about. Perhaps the knobs are original equipment, or maybe not. But at this point some pictures would be helpful.

By the way, I sometimes write facetious messages; I meant no offense either to you or the person from whom you bought your mixer. In a previous life, I was probably a Borscht Belt comedian and those genes are still swirling around in my bloodstream. :)

Here are knobs im talking about


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Here are knobs im talking about

The knobs shown in the picture on the left look very much like those found on small 1202 Mackie field mixers. As in this example:


The closeup of the knob on the right is confusing; it looks as though it's wrapped with electrical tape.

It's odd that somebody would replace so many DM knobs with Mackie-style pots. Maybe because of the indicator on top? :?:

My guess is the photo on the right shows the broken knob that got this thread started, but wow! What a great number of ugly replacements.

If the guy you bought the desk from is really nice and straight forward (and indeed the first owner of your desk), he should be able to tell you what the @$# happened to those knobs and why they were replaced!
Yup its right, knob with tape is last one which broke on half. It just happen with normal knob move. Guy ive bought desk from he said thats happened same way just by normal use. That's way i ve started this thread hope than someone have similar experience and give me some advice. But like i see im only person who has problem with original knobs. Ill go with original again even its expensive, at least desk will have look how should be.
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Normal use did this to the knobs???

Did you buy your desk from The Incredible Hulk? :)
I dont know, maybe. ;) But im not Hulk at all and it happend to me too. :( I had before desk 15 years old and has still original knobs. This is my first bad experience with that. Maybe some wrong knob serie. I have no idea.
I seem to recall in the old Tascam Forum this issue with knobs.. that maybe there was a run of them that the plastic moldings got too much "air" in them which made them brittle. I will have a look and see if I can find that reference buy I am 99% sure this was discussed there.
Anybody need a good private eye, my vote's for Charlie. :)

Yes - I remember that discussion which makes a good case for a bad run of knobs. I wonder if Stan qualifies for a set of replacements; those Mackie units - which are clearly for analog mixers - just don't look right.


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