Will the DR-40 record a digital input signal via the xlr or TRS inputs?


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Feb 2, 2014
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I have an opportunity to pick up an Apogee Mini me which has great pre-amps and will work in standalone mode; handy for location film/video and other field work. BUT the signal has to go somewhere if not my MBP; hence my question - will a digital out (spdif or AES) from the apogee agree with the DR-40 analog inputs? And mic or line level? Of course it can't be ideal, but to what degree? With a 3 or 4x budget, I'd take a different route completely, but the apogee/tascam potential combo has me curious.
Thanks for sharing wisdom.
If you're asking, "Can I run a digital output into an analog input?", then the answer would be no, you can't. The digital signal needs to either remain digital and get sent to an SPDIF or AES input, or be converted to analog audio.
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