Win 8.1 FW-1884 "Can't install on this version of windows" driver v1.80


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Oct 31, 2012
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Fixed. Ran in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode.

I searched for the error message and found one instance... and then lost it. Since I was half finished with this post when I found the solution I decided to describe my experience for future sufferers. Lemme know if it helps.

Tricky because Win 8.1 had file extension display disabled even though I had unchecked it in File Explorer->View->Options->View->Hide Extensions for known file types. Perhaps I didn't click on [Apply to Folders].

I checked File Explorer->View->File Name Extensions to force display and confirmed that the driver file I was executing was the .zip file which doesn't have execution options (like executing in compatibility mode)!

After I extracted the .exe I right clicked and opened the file Properties->Compatibility tab and checked "Run this program in Compatibility mode for:" and picked Windows 7.

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