Windows 10 BSOD and USB Fs mismatch

Discussion in 'Model 24/16/12' started by pstralen, Nov 30, 2021.

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    Nov 2021
    Model 12
    Hi guys,

    Having another problem with my Tascam Model 12 since today. As soon as I create a new song with my DAW (Studio One) I end up with a BSOD crash ("WDF violation"). I'm really not sure what the problem is. One thing I noticed is that the machine is giving me "USB Fs mismatch" errors but everywhere I look (Tascam, Windows, Studion One) the settings are the same. It happens quite often, and every now and again I'm catching the sample rate settings change by its own? I'm on the latest firmware (1.23 0083)

    I didn't mention it in the title because it seems so unrelated, but I've also noticed my dynamic mic has grown crazy quiet since last time I used it. I have to open up the gain entirely to even hear myself on the monitor.

    Hope someone can help..
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