Windows 10 US-2x2 Driver Problems


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May 2, 2022
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I recently moved from a Windows 7 machine to a new Windows 10 machine. I downloaded and installed the following: (with DRIVER)

I cannot get Cubase or Renoise to use the US-2x2 ASIO driver. Both applications report the error "No Device".

In Device Manager I can see two US-2x2 entries but one has a Code 10 error:






Are there supposed to be 2 US-2x2 drivers? The one with _03 on the end works, the one with _00 on the end does not.

Reinstalling the driver software and updating the firmware didn't help.

Can somebody please tell me how to fix this.
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I have the same interface and I don't know why there are two drivers listed. One thing you may want to try is making sure it's USB cable is plugged into one of your computer's USB 2.0 ports - not a 3.0.
@spantini Just tried the USB2.0 port on the back - still showing 2 devices.

I think it's time to get rid of it and move to Focusrite. Apparently they support their products.
Just disable the Microsoft driver in the Device Manager and you'll be fine. For some reason Windows Update forces a install of their driver every time you boot the OS. It is crap and I don't know why but if you disable the MS driver it wont bother you anymore
I gave up on it and sold it. Bought a Focusrite Scarlett instead - no problems whatsoever.

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