Windows 8 64-bit drivers


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Apr 26, 2013
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FW1884 FE8 FE8
bit support for a board of this price range :(

i purchased fw1884 and 2 fe-8's ..great products not priced in amateure/hobby
range. these arent "throw away" toys people! such a short lifespan product cycle for such an expensive item(s) leaves one wondering why? driver support isnt a huge cost. having to spend another $4000.00 for lack of a $100 driver seems so unfair.
Please consider all the customers who purchased and still own these wonderful boards. the win7 driver is flaky at best in win8. i would even be willing to pay a nominal fee for an updated driver. please rethink this tascam theres alot of dissappointed customers out cant even buy a computer without win8 on it so theres not much recourse other than sending the device to a landfill site.

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