Windows XP won't boot after install us-122 driver


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Jun 3, 2013
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us-122 mkII
After installing the driver for US-122 MKII, Windows XP won't boot. If I disconnect the usb cable, Windows starts normal. I want to use the US-122 MKII as my standard sound card, so it has to be connected all the time. Strange but true: installed on an older computer, also with Windows XP, everything works fine.
It is set to boot from harddisk first.
Same problem here. Except I'm running windows 7 ultimate. Latest tascam drivers installed for the interface.
On startup, with the tascam audio interface connected, I get as far as the windows logo. The process just grinds to a halt and nothing happens until I disconnect the interface. Once disconnected windows continues to load up.
Only then can I reconnect the interface. Other than that I've encountered no real issues. It's just a little frustrating having to disconnect the interface every time I switch my PC on.

Have you figured a solution by any chance?

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