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Oct 4, 2012
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Welcome back, everyone! :D
.......ka chow!
It feels good to be home in time for Christmas....

Nice to read you all again

Greetings oh Wizard of the Midway,
Yeah, I had two sx's and an LE before the old site ended.. I managed to pick up another full SX to make the total three and just use the LE for ...well.......stuff....
just because...... :LOL:
Hey, weren't you doing a reno or rebuild of your studio?
How did it turn out?
Great to see all the old posse back on the site especially our friends from across the pond....Always curious to see what Kim is up to over there....and wait a minute to quote ..."Dave's not here man! " Hope he rejoins the fray....

I am currently building a new mix facility as I have moved further out into the woods....

More later
YES...the new studio is WAY nicer than what it was. I only use two machines now as opposed to three....I just couldn't justify the room needed for that....

Checkout Facebook, I started an SX-1 groups there....

Here's pics of the new Lion-Heart Studio......


  • NEW STUDIO DONE 002.jpg
    NEW STUDIO DONE 002.jpg
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  • Almost done studio 003.jpg
    Almost done studio 003.jpg
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  • Almost done studio 006.jpg
    Almost done studio 006.jpg
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didn't the old site not support pics on posts?
Wow! The site is back! Hello all! It's good to see familiar faces...er posters.

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