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Sep 1, 2013
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Hi everyone. Looking to set up a word clock 75 Ohm BNC system. I wonder if anybody can give me some advise. I was confused because I thought that ADAT and SPDIF have a locking signal embedded but I cannot seem to get the signal from my SX 1 LE to lock on to the TC Electronics components. The Konnekt 48 interface shows the warning "signal slip" and that I have to select a master.
The components to be locked are the SX 1 LE a TC Electronics Konnekt 48 interface and a TC Electronics X 32 digital patchbay. Unfortunately the Alesis Masterlink 9600 that I also use has no wordclock connection.
Both TC Electronics have BNC in and out and the SX 1 LE has BNC in, out and thru.
I want to use the Konnekt 48 or X 32 as a master since both have a chip on board to generate a very clean word clock signal.
Suggestions are welcome also about the quality of cables to use. I have some 75 Ohm Mogami and HOSA that I could use or are the other (better) choice. The Mogami and HOSA cables have RCA termination and I could use a BNC to RCA adapter.

I welcome your thoughts.

Check to see that the TC units aren't set to automatically detect and lock to incoming digital signal.I'm locking to Word clock from a MOTU Digital Timepeice.
Thanks for the tip. I will check that.
I don't go nuts over cable quality, once over that threshold where decent cables start. It would be nice to avoid adaptors (any extra connections) in general. But... probably not a biggie either.
I see lots of views so maybe I should update on my progress. So far I have connected and set the TC Konnekt 48 as master going to the Tascam SX 1 and use the thru output to go to the TC X 32 slave. I have not found the right way to set the SX 1 as slave to the Konnekt 48. The manual isn't really a great help so I am trying some things. Also I have ordered some BNC T-connectors and some 75 Ohm end pieces. As I understand and out on the slave at the end of the chain needs to be terminated to the signal doesn't reflect back.
I'm assuming that you are strictly talking clock sync. The TC Konnekt 48 should be set to internal, the SX-1 settings should be referencing Word.
Everything synced up now and working.

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