Works with PT 10 and DM4800 all was well, until today


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Oct 2, 2012
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DM 4800
My DM- has the following accessories , MU1000 and sound card
IF-FW/DMMKII - Working with Pro Tools 10 all was well, until today .....

Last night I worked routinely in my studio, I turned off my iMac, and then the DM4800 .... as I normally do. Saturday June 23 Today, I turned on my iMac, and monitors and end the DM4800. big surprise ... :shock: I had no sound .. but the LED's have signal, I installed the headphones and nothing I have not .... only the LEDs signal. I did my last test ... I turned off the computer and plugged a guitar into the mixer via line, put the minimum fader LEDs saw on the MU1000 signal noise, turn down the Master and noise are emphasized.

But under the Master in full the noise disappears.

RF noise is a fracuencia radius, but only seems NOT.

All I did before starting the DM was give a clean with a damp flannel always use, just rubbed it from left to right in a hurry, perhaps inadvertently creating static ..... I do not know.

Please I hope you can help me as soon as possible, I have much work to do :rolleyes:

I'm sorry I speak Spanish
DIsconnect the usb and firewire from the computer, then recall a different preset and test that. If that still fails, before you send it in for repair, back up all your presets and try doing a sram init, see if that solves the problem.

As you describe it, it seems most likely the software crashed, and needs resetting. Do you have decent power conditioning? If not, this is even more likely. I also wrote a "zero preset" with nothing assigned anywhere, and when I started building all presets from that the weird problems that would sometimes happen like channels not working or reverb strangeness stopped.

Good luck.
Dear, Will, thank you very much for the help, a week ago I am without my mixer pending backlog persecution artists :confused: :confused: etc ....

I have a voltage regulator (UPS) connected to my DM, still do not understand why the fault.

I did finally RESET DM4800 , the moment I made my first tests ... only with my headphones and everything works fine :D :D :D :D I just guitar line tests, I hope is the end of this nightmare of 7 days
I'll be reporting on my tests
Will Miho, again thank you very much ... :p

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