X48 for sale (possibly)


Oct 12, 2012
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DM4800 X48
If anyone has been following the recent threads on X48's, you'll notice mine and Hellvis'. To recap my issue, currently, I have a X48 and DM4800 used very slightly in a home studio and dormant for a couple of yrs. I'm now getting back into things and the X48 would not power up when tried. Short story, it ended up being a bad power supply which was just replaced at a cost of $541 and now the unit is perfectly working again and has been updated to the latest op system and a new 2032 battery has been installed. I also have a new much more powerful and capable computer and my DM4800 has the firewire card so I'm thinking I may just use the DM 4800 with my DAW software as most do anyway and sell my X48. The X48 also has the IF-AD24, 24 channel ADAT card installed which can go with the unit or be sold separately. I would also include 3 TDIF cables at no additional charge. My X48 is absolutely mint (now that the power supply issue has been resolved) so anyone getting this would be getting an 'as new' gem! I haven't decided on a price yet, but that can be worked out; I'm just now seriously considering this but will most likely proceed but wanted to offer it first and solicit interest from forum members before I make a final decision and/or put it up elsewhere for sale such as on E-Bay. If anyone is interested, please contact me.


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