X48 mkI internal hard disk replacement

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Aug 12, 2014
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Hello people,
I have a question about an internal hard disk swap on a X48 mkI rig. The original HD does some clicking noises, and I've had a couple of typically HD related crashes.
I'm pretty set on replacing it with a:

SATA600 3.0To 7200 SEAGATE Barracuda (64 MB) ST3000DM001

but I wanted to check with you guys if you can think of a reason for not going on as planned.
I'm going to have 3 partitions in it:
1) the hidden system partition, of course.
2) a 1.0GB "work in progress" partition at the beginning of the platters, to keep it tidy and speedy.
3) all the rest will be an internal storage partition, doubled up with an external backup HD.
Thank you in advance for any insight, warning or word of advice you'll give me.
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Stick with maximum 2TB drive. The X-48 doesn't have a UEFI BIOS, so it can't boot off larger drives.
Also, the Boot CD will create the partitions for you, no need to think about that. (i.e. you don't have a choice)
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Huh, thanks a lot RedBus, I completely skipped the bios factor, I'm installing 3Tb drives everywhere these days
FWIW you actually can create extra partitions (albeit I don't know how many, it might be only 4 in total per disk with this bios) with the "disk management" tool in X48's Tascam overlay. You'll find it in the File menu. It looks like a toned down version of Paragon Disk Manager, or something.
I think I'd prefer to avoid a single multi-terabyte partition for audio use, but I've not decided yet.
Thank you a lot again for the heads up!
Right on the money RedBus, it's 2.2 TB maximum on pre 2011 mbr only bioses

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