X48 mkII motherboard

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    Apr 2016
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    Hi All,

    Does anyone know what kind of motherboard is in the mkII x48? Is it this one:

    I picked up a used gen 1 x48 that had blown caps on the motherboard. Was looking to update from my original MX2424 (which I bought new 17 years ago. lol) I replaced the caps and battery and it actually worked okay for a bit. So then I went to town on case mods to get as close to silent as possible with cooling - changed power supply, changed drive to SSD, added some silent low RPM fans with fan controller and air intake where the DVD drive was, and even put Corsair liquid cooler on CPU.

    So after doing all that and got everything real nice and silent, the motherboard blew a VRE - literally caught fire for a second.

    Since it's pretty apparent that the gen1 x48's motherboard is a pretty junky board, I'm wondering if I were to just replace it with the mkII motherboard, if I could then load the mkII software recovery. I know I'll have to hack the back of the case, but I already did that to replace the power supply and could handle that.

    Next question: Does anyone have bios settings for mkII? I've got them for gen 1, but didn't see any posts for mkII bios settings.