X48 remote transport control via d8b MIDI - track arm and jog wheel issue

Discussion in 'TASCAM X-48 and X-48MKII' started by Neal, May 4, 2017.

  1. Neal

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    Apr 2016
    Tascam MX-2424, X-48
    Hi All,

    I got MIDI going between my Mackie d8b and my Tascam x48.
    x48 sends MTC timecode to d8b and receives MMC control from d8b.

    Time code sync is working fine. And transport control is working in that I can press play/stop/FF/rewind on d8b and x48 responds.

    But what is NOT working:
    Track record arming
    Jog Wheel

    When I press a track arming button on the d8b, x48 doesn't respond.
    And when I put the d8b in jog mode and then turn the jog wheel on the d8b, I see midi activity on my midi patch panel, but the x48 transport does nothing.

    I really don't know if the issue because of what MIDI codes the d8b is sending or if there is something not right on the x48.

    Has anyone had success arming tracks or doing jog transport to the x48 over MIDI control?