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Oct 31, 2014
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Does anyone know when Tascam will have a driver compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite?
Hi Gravity Jim,

Sorry to ask a dumb question but was 10.10 the work around version or the complete "soon to be released" version. There was a few different threads on this so I got a little confused.

Always so hesitant to install new system when I have recording jobs on etc.. :confused:
The most recent driver is the "ready to go for realz" version.

I'll install an OS update anytime, because I always clone the startup drive just before updating. If the updated OS is a train wreck, one restart and I'm back in business. I learned this the really hard way.
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Thanks Jim, That sounds like a good idea. I have not done a clone before. Is time machine different than cloning? As I was going to just do time machine.

Im right in the middle of an EP so I dont want to really learn the hard way. lol. I have been lucky till now so dont want to break that streak.
I'm jumping in to second GJ's advice....

Please clone your startup drive!

Use Time Machine too, but a bootable clone of your startup drive can be a life saver.
Yeah, Time Machine is swell, if the new OS can access TM backups from the previous OS. In the transition to Lion I had a major compatibility breakdown and was horrified to learn that Lion couldn't read my Time Machine drive (a new disk format). Three different Apple Techs, three wrong answers. I finally had to scrub the drive and start over... And in this new DVD-free world, you'd play hell even doing that.

CLONE THE DRIVE, and boot from it to make sure it works, before any OS update. Do this and you can update fearlessly.
Cool, I think I will be doing the clone since I am in the middle of some paying work and I dont really want to cry myself to sleep if it decides to have kittens and not work.

Is anyone doing using it yet with the new driver and having success? Are there any real advantages over Maverics anyway? Now correct me if Im wrong but I heard that Yosemite is better at dealing with audio through the OS. Now I am not sure if thats true as I have no idea of the inner workings of OS's, but it always pays to ask.
Oh also what program do you use to clone your hard drive? Prefibaly something free.

I suppose the Disc utility will do the trick. Maybe while I am doing it I should upgrade to SSDs, but since the Mac is limited to 3GB/s then is it really worth it?
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I just did the Yosemite upgrade and everything is working nicely with no issues. Thanks RedBus for all of you hard work keeping the console alive and kicking, and Gravity Jim for advice.

I cloned the drive first (which was a good excuse to upgrade my standard Mac Pro HDD to a new WD Black faster HDD, 60Mg/s faster). I used the internal disc utility from Apple and it all worked without a hitch. Audio is passing between the console and computer no no problems, I have yet to load one of my bigger tracks but I would say to anyone looking to upgrade do it.. Just get the new driver from the Dev site.

Cheers Guys,
Yep, Disk Utility is the hot set up. Glad the upgrade was painless (mine was too). The SSDs are definitely worth it.
I like the integration of OSX and iOS, and I think the clean, hyper-graphic look of Yosemite is the best looking Mac ever.
Just want to say thanks to Redbus, Gravity Jim et al for the ongoing input..it has saved my DM4800 from craigslist!!
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fwiw I just upgraded my MacBookPro (17", 2011, 8.3) to Yosemite + SSD + 16GB RAM and not a hiccough.
- first did a clone of the HD to an external drive / tested / verified
- then installed SSD and RAM
- then loaded Yosemite, IF-FW driver, TMC, Reaper and Kontakt
- reconnected external drives - tested and verified all - perfect

Results so far are as expected:
- much faster boot (down from 1 min to about 15 seconds)
- much faster app load

Thanks for the driver Redbus
Good day all. I'm running Yosemite ( 10.10 ) on a Mac mini with DP/Logic & PT,,, I have a DM 3200 with the FireWire card in it ( IF-FW/DM ). None of these DAW's see my mixer in Yosemite,,,,, can someone / anyone please help ???

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