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kim mole

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Mar 29, 2014
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is there a way to zero the desk ie pan pots eq zero sends zero etc i mean globally all at once?
If you have a midi sequencer you could set up all the controllers to zero everything and save as a song with just the controller settings at the beginning then all you need is to select the song and briefly press play.
got it!!! make a new song... set the desk how you want it .. ie pans mutes sends etc. then call it say, zero desk song or whatever... then when you want to make a new song , instesd of creating a new one open tghe zero song which you keep a copy of on the computer.... simples.
You can do this and it is a good idea although I was coming at it from the midi perspective but I found some info on an other web site it seems that all you have to do is create a new song and give it a name if you want. Once it is open go to menu then preferences go right down to the bottom of the options and press initialize this sets the unit back to factory settings which sets all EQ off panning to centre and EFX off it does not wipe the system version and if you load one of your old songs it will load all the settings for EQ,Panning and EFX that was saved on the song.
If you want to get a cheap sequencer or a free Daw that does midi you can then do scenes like on other high end recorders. I am surprised that Tascam has not come out with a program with a good graphical interface that does this either via midi or USB they are available for other kit like line 6 and Boss FX and the principle is the same.
I have emailed Tascam UK to request if they are going to make a stand alone program for the DP series. If they reply will let you know

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