1.50 and 1.52 SX-1 system disks


Jan 14, 2013
Gear owned

I'm a forum newbie based in the UK with a recently acquired "blackface" SX-1 running v 1.50

It is in great shape (looks unused) and has manuals but came with no system disk (lost by previous owner). I guess that leaves me vulnerable to BSODs and other potential problems I might experience.

Where can I get replacement disks? I need a 1.50 system disk for now. Also, assuming fellow users would recommend upgrade to 1.52, then I guess a 1.52 disk (final version not beta) would enable me to upgrade in a few months?

Obviously I'd be happy to pay (by Paypal I guess) for shipping to the UK etc...
Try your TEAC dealer in the UK. In Canada TEAC is still quite supportive as the SX-1 is considered a "legacy" piece of gear.
Hopefully they are as supportive across the pond as they are here in the colonies.
I would reformat my drive immediately to 1.52 as there are noticeable improvements in the software. Although just remember that any projects done with the older OS are rendered pretty much useless with the OS upgrade.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Unfortunately I am having no joy via TEAC/TASCAM in the UK. The Tascam end user helpline number is "dead", and the dealer support staff, while extremely courteous and professional, can currently think of no way of getting disks cut for me.

I have pointed out that disks may still be available on request to US and Canadian SX-1 users as it is a legacy product. They say that even if that may be the case for US users, Tascam in the US will not ship disks to European end-users. They have however offered to pass my email request on to Head Office as a last resort.

In the meantime I would still be interested in any other avenues I could try, and appreciative of any offers of help from forum members.


That's fantastic, thanks!

I've also somewhat surprisingly heard back from Tascam UK. They say can send me a 1.52 disk.after all! We've had a little bit of snow overnight in the UK though, so the country is practically at a standstill and I may not get the disk for some considerable time! If the postman fails to emerge from the snowdrifts with a CD by the end of the month I'll visit your site and download the software.

You're a star!!! Thanks again.

Make sure you harvest replacement parts. Right now parts are still to be found. Like motherboard, vga card and such. Memory too. And store them in anti static bags.
Thanks to RedBus.

For those who don't know, RedBus worked on the SX-1 project for Tascam.
He is one of the people to thank for this machine . . . .

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Speaking of parts....I need two motherboards....does anyone have the model number(s) I should look for?
Thanks guys!

Good thinking about spares Muziekschuur!

Redbus - yes I guess I only wanted a 1.50m disk in case I had probs with the upgrade and needed to revert. I'll try without the safety net.

merlin - I think the m'board is Gigabyte Technology GA-7IXE4 Socket A AMD



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