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Jan 29, 2015
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Hi guys,

First of all, I apologize for the bad english. I work in a studio that has a DM-4800 "running" with a Windows 7 64bits and a IF-FW MKII card but I'm not able to put those guys to work with the Pro Tools 10. I installed all drivers (v1.51) and firmwares but I got 1394 message in slot page. "No cable" it says, but when I take the cable off and put it again, it shows quickly "Driver Offline". I tryied all the drivers versions, changed the FW cable and even tryied to use my PC FW inputs in order to see if those are working well and I could use my 003 with Pro tools. Also, when I try to run the Pro Tools with DM 4800, I get a message "The selected ASIO audio device could not be initialized. Please choose another device" and a window pops ut showing the FW card as playback engine, but when I click ok button, it shows up again.
IF FW control panel shows nothing.

I appreciate any kind of help!


Hi, CaptDan !

Thanks for your reply. The card driver is v1.21 and I don't know which driver I have to set to legacy. I tryied to set the IF FW card to legacy and nothing happened.

Thanks again,


@edit: I set the FW Windows port to Legacy and nothing happened again.

INFOS: 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)
IF FW MKII = v1.21
DM4800 =TMCompanion v1.51
Firmware = v1.70

Windows 7 64 bits SP1
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The driver you have to set to 'legacy' is the Windows 1394 driver that you'll find in your device manager. Click Update driver, Browse, Let me choose, select Lecacy version.
I tryied both drivers that you send to me but I'm still getting "No cable/Driver off-line" status. I'm sure that my system is compatible and I'm using a good FW cable.

Thanks for the help. I already set my 1394 driver to legacy, but nothing changed :/
Try a new cable...they can go bad...got a box of bad cables. Also if you have multi FW ports on your PC try a different one. OR if your using a built in Motherboard FW find a PCI card to use if the problem persists.

Wilson Dyer MPSE
Is the card still under warranty?
See if you can borrow a Mac or another PC to see if it is your computer that is the problem. If it is still not working, send the card in for warranty work.
DAMN I wish this thread wasnt dead. I'm having this exact problem. Suspect the chipset.
Firewire card if-fw is very prone to burn the chipset when hot plugged into pc FireWire, usually i turn on dm after the pc, to avoid electrical peaks, and never plug the cable when the two devices are turned on.
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