144 MKII interface with messed up inputs...


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Aug 8, 2014
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US-144 MKII interface
Been using the same tascam interface for a while now, but only recently I've come across a pretty major problem when trying to record analog: an intermittent yet frequent crackling occurs when I plug in a mic or amplified instrument. I know it's not the cables themselves as they work fine with when just using them with amplifiers and I know it's not the instruments as they too work in all other situations.

I noticed that pushing the cable at the interface input fixes the problem, which could indicate a cable issue, but seeing that my instrument cables work with other devices, this should mean that the problem is in the interface.

In conclusion:

1) Is it worth it to try to fix the inputs on the tascam, or should I buy a new interface?
2) Are there any possibilities I missed?
I have no experience on 144, but according to your description of the problem i would quess it's one of two possible problems:
a. dirty connections: just spray any "contact cleaner" stuff into the input jack
b. bad solder joint: anyone with elementary electronics skills and access to a soldering iron should be able to fix this

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