2 forums! I'm so confused!!

Will Miho

Oct 9, 2012
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So the old forum is back now, at tascamforums.co
and we have the new one here now too, tascamforums.com ?

What is happening, os there a way to integrate them>????
Is the other one an old columbian version? reference the ".co"?
The domain is Columbian, but the server is in the USA. It doesn't seem to be very active though - last posts from a year ago..
We have no control over the other site or know who put it up. Someone just uploaded the old database to a new domain and abandoned it.
It is probably in our best interest to archive as much of the content as we can. I spent so much time typing good answers over the years that when the database went away I was kicking myself for not having saved my best stuff somewhere after posting it.
I've poked around on the tascamforums.co website and I'm pretty much of the opinion that even though the forum is in a functional state, the lights are on but no one is home. Here is what I suspect that website is. Shortly after the website went down last year, I made contact with as many of the mod squad members that I had private email addresses for. I personally had written so much stuff in the forums that I moderated, and knew of so many other good essays by others that I wanted to find out if the forum database was intact and if I could do something to save it for future and existing Tascam users. I was told by Terry that Bruce's family had indeed protected the database and that it was being temporarily stored somewhere. No one was saying where though.

I suspect that what has happened is that someone accidentally stumbled on the secret storage site and just started spreading the word. There is a private sub forum that only the moderators have access to. We used this when Bruce was still with us to discuss moderation issues. I signed in and asked if the forum was back up. If someone was actually minding the store, he or she would have been alerted of .the post. So far, no answer.

There is still a wealth of information archived over there but it would be unwise to view it as an active forum I think. If anyone knows differently please chime in.
I sure hope this stuff doesn't get lost again . . . and hopefully anything that any of us can do to preserve it is being done . . . . .

Whoever uploaded the database to a different domain is actually doing us a disservice, because Google is getting confused as to which site is the real TASCAM forum and is sending some of our visitors to a non-functioning forum.

By all means, use the old site as a reference in place of the Wayback Machine, but please do not "hot link" to that domain as we have been working very hard to rebuild here and to get the word out to the old members.

If you do know someone who has access to the old database file, creating a copy of the archive here would be a piece of cake.
Whew, I was totally confused also. Thanks for this post.
Holy crap its the old forum... back from the dead??
My login that I paid $.400 even works!!!

File attachments still not working...
Well, don't that beat all.

Not sure it's totally up-to-date, but that's it alright.
The question is who did this and why when a new one exists?
cmaffia said:
Holy crap its the old forum... back from the dead??
My login that I paid $.400 even works!!!

File attachments still not working...

Well, my old log-in didn't work. Requires me to re-register and pay another $4. I'd do it in a heartbeat, but have decided not to.

For one thing, this site's Moderators have - as they've insisted - worked hard to revive the old group. It's extant and working daily. For another thing, if I'm going to pay any dues, I'd rather it be to a forum like this, where there are verifiable humans available for response.

Although it's tempting to see the old site, its look and familiarity, I'd suggest it's like a sea siren beckoning you to sail your ship on the rocks. So to speak. :cool:

I've asked there who and what. And I have not received any answers...
Nice case.... leather?
Why would someone bring it back?
Sure is fun to revisit.
Who is moderating?

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