2 recording problems w/ iUR2


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Feb 9, 2014
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I was going into just my sixth or seventh hour of recording with my recently purchased iUR2 when I began to get a rhythmic...well, I'm not quite sure what to call it...it briefly turns the input into a horrid metallic/electronic-sounding screech but barely registers as a sound by itself. As I was trying each of the fixes in the manual, there didn't seem to be any pattern to when it would produce the pulsing screech/screeching pulses, when it gave me a nice recording, and the second problem- the whole recording sounding like it was more digital artifact than what I was inputting. The only thing that was consistent was the fact that it only changed when I began recording. If a pass began clean, it stayed that way throughout; if it began with one of the problems (which can't be heard while recording), it remained messed up. Has anyone else here experienced this? Any suggestions as to a fix? As I said, I tried the handful of suggestions in the manual (wasn't connected to a LAN; turned off my firewalls and other protection; couldn't find a means of changing Audacity's buffer size; wasn't using the Aero theme, but I did turn off Aero Peek; changed the performance option to "Adjust for best performance"). What baffles me most is the fact that I'd used it for several hours without a problem, and with the exception of updating the security software that I turned off, I can't think of anything that changed. Thanks in advance for your time, consideration, and (hope hope pray pray) assistance.
I laid down three takes each of three verses of vocals last night with no problem. All the same settings, same hardware/software, no environmental differences that I'm aware of...the only thing I did differently was I began each take from a different spot in the song (the idea being that if I got the rhythmic screeching, I might be able to edit together one "clean" track by alternating when it hit). I figure it must be a "soft" problem...interference, processing, something along those lines...and I've been given a generous amount of time to return the unit for a full refund; I just need to figure out if the problem can be identified, and if not, if I'm likely to have these difficulties often enough to call for returning it while I can. Any ideas?

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