24 Channels of ADAT on a DM3200

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Jan 6, 2013
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Got a question,

Can I put an ADAT card into each slot of the DM3200 for a total of 24 channels of ADAT functionality?

Thanks in advance,

Yes. You can do that.
You won't be able to send the audio to your computer though without a FW card taking up one of those slots, but you will have 24 channels of ADAT at 44.1Khz or 48Khz available.
Yeah. I'm going to an outboard recorder and will just put the FW card back in if the need arises.


I use a RME DIGI9652. When you use a current card by RME (like RAYDAT) you can get like 32 samples low latency and daisy chain your recorder to your computer and desk and do a lot of stuff. ANd the bottomline you can record the same session with two devices and stay safe...
This was my workflow until two weeks ago. 24 channels of ADAT (Alesis HD24) in/out to my DM3200 with 2 ADAT cards mounted.

Workflow has been changed since I bought a Mac Pro desktop.
Instead of buying a firewire card for the DM3200 I decided to buy a Motu2408 interface with PCI424 card.
All HD24 tracks are transferred to Mac so I mix ITB now (with the addition of all my outboard gear) and I can send 24 tracks to my DM3200 over TDIF. The HD24 recorder is still connected over ADAT.

For me this is maximum flexibility.
Interesting. Is the latency better than the Firewire card?
I honeslty don't know.
My current in/out latency is 6.7ms in/out at buffer setting 256 and 3.3ms at 128 buffer.

I was never interested in the Tascam FW card. If my desk fails I'm out of businness. That happened to me three times in the past 6 years.
With an external interface I'm still able to finish my projects in case the desk fails and the Motu interface gives me maximum flexibility. I'm still using the HD24 adats to track the initial tracks/sessions. It's failsafe and next to that I track a lot of live stage performances.

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