2488 CD drive problem


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Feb 12, 2013
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My 2488 is having a hard time identifying that I have inserted a CD in the drive. Regardless of the reason for inserting a CD ( burning a song or backing up a song) it continues to eject and tells me to insert a CD. It will finally pick it up after 20 or 30 attempts. Does anyone know of a replacement CD drive and maybe one that burns quicker than the original?
the MK1 uses either the CRW5232A4 cd drive (lots on eBay) or the CD-W552GB drive (strangely none on eBay!) The MK2 and NEO also use the CD-W552GB. I've heard of other types being used sucessfully but don't know the details. I believe that for the MK1 to use the CD-W552GB it needs the latest firmware release (v1.2).

I don't think you will find one that is faster as this is set by the firmware. The MK2 and NEO are much faster than the MK1 but use the same drive.
Thanx Real Time. I took it apart today. It has the CD-W552GB in it. I unplugged the cables and checked everything and now it seems to be working fine, ummmm?

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