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Oct 17, 2013
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Hello ... I've recently gotten back into recording a bit (been mostly playing the last couple years, hardly any recording, so I'm rusty and pretty much a novice at that).

I have a 2488 neo. Here's my question, and it makes no sense to me why they did this but I'm sure there's a reason:

I have a DP01 as well as the 2488 neo. On the DP01, one thing I loved was I was able to make alternate mixes, just give them a different name. Not so on the 2488, which names the mix for you and won't let you create new or alternate versions of it.

I see no advantage to this at all. Can someone please tell me what I'm missing?
Seems to me you'd have to create a whole new copy of the raw tracks with a different name to get an alternate mix. It just seems backasswards to me ... please enlighten me.


Have you tried the Scene function. You can create mutlple scenes and even change them on the fly (so I've been informed)

Thanks, but I'm not even sure what a "scene" is ... is that a mix or something? Because that's what I want to be able to do, essentially make several mixes of a song I do, be able to compare them, choose the best one, and delete/ignore the others. I shouldn't have to go through an act of congress to do it ... it seems like a basic thing to me.

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