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Mar 5, 2013
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I am trying to record my reel to reel which is connected to the 2track on the Tascam DM-3200. I have routed the 2track signal onto faders 31/32, I see the signal on my meterbridge but not sure how to get it in protools now. Is there something I'm not doing? I basically want to see the waveforms of the reel to reel, I am experiencing a muffled type sound on my left channel and wondering if I need to do an Azimuth adjustment on the heads. Please let me know.
Not in front of my mixer now, so some of this may be inaccurate:

Use the Input Bypass method: Hit: Routing/Tab2 (Output SLOT). Right side of screen choose Terminal - 2 track in (or Assign Return if that's what you're using). Hit Enter. Next, left side of screen, after selecting Output Slots 31/32, choose those, hit enter.

In Protools: select or create a stereo track to print signal from tape. Assign the PT track's Input to receive signal from Stereo Inputs 31/32. If you wish to monitor that track in real time on the DM, choose an available PT stereo output and, on the DM, assign that selection to appear on a pair of available fader modules (inputs).
Be sure to UNASSIGN faders 31/32 from the Stereo Bus!! Otherwise, annoying loudness and/or latency will happen. :(

Hoping I described this correctly from memory. If I erred, perhaps somebody will correct me.

Hi Captdan,

It doesn't seem to work, maybe i'm not reading this right but when I go in the routing/Tab Output Slot which is the 3rd column not the second as you mention.

You wrote:
Right side of screen choose Terminal - 2 track in (or Assign Return if that's what you're using).

On the right side of the Output Select is the Terminal select but it doesn't have 2Track or ASN RTN. The ASN RTN is on the 3rd column (Input Select). So I chose this and assigned output 31/32 (left side) with the ASN RTN 3/4.

Funny thing is when I assign my output select 31/32 and assign my DIN input (which is my music computer) instead of the ASN RTN I get signal in protools.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, :confused:
As I said, I wasn't in front of my desk when I wrote that. To be honest, besides a short mastering job a few days ago, I haven't done any multitrack production in almost a month. Long story.

If you get signal from your DIN on 31/32, you should be able to send it from your tape deck as well. Probably just a routing error. If you upload a screen shot of your setup we should be able to solve it.

Hi Captdan,

Here are snapshots of what I've done.

I do see the input channels on my meterbridge, so the signal is there but I don't see it in protools.

In protools I created a Stereo track with inputs 31/32 and outputing on 17/18.

Thanks, captdan.


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No doubt you'd be seeing signal on the DM meter bridge because Inputs/31/32 are assigned correctly.

I'm going to have to go down to the studio to study the Output slot/Assign Return issue; could be I made a mistake there.

Will get back to you later today.

Here are some possible solutions:

1. You've got the right returns assigned, but the tape deck isn't plugged into those. Check to be sure the deck's output is cabled to the desired returns.

2. Instead of using the Assignable Returns, use a pair of available physical inputs - say - M/L1 & M/L2. Using Input Bypass, route those inputs to Slots 31/32.

3. As an alternative to the previous step, use, instead, M/L1 & M/L2's Inserts if you wish to bypass the DM's preamp gains.

Let me know if any of the above solves the problem.

EDIT: After further investigation, I'd say Option #2 is your best choice. Unless I'm mistaken, the 2-track input isn't assignable to an output.

Hi CaptDan,

Sorry for late reply anyway this is what I've done, does this make sense in terms of routing. I do get the signal in protools and able to record.

Input 31-32 set to 2TR L-R
RTN set to Ch.31-32

Slot 31-32 set to STEREO L-R

Input set to 31-32
Output set to any output

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