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Oct 19, 2012
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Hey group. quick question I am working in Sonar X3 , I want to use 88.2 and 32 bit I've changed the DM to 88.2, do I have to change its bit rate also , and if so where ??? thanks jim
I believe you are already there...from the DM brochure...

"32-bit internal resolution with 64-bit EQ resolution"
That's internal calculating resolution. I doubt the DM (or any other audio hardware device) really delivers 32-bit audio at the digital FW outputs. Not that it's relevant - 24-bit is more than enough resolution for a dynamic range a bat would be jealous of. Working in a DAW with 32-bit float files is a different story, but also another discussion.
Right. Come to think of it, I believe it's 24bit, as shown on the Digital I/O format screen.
We may've discussed this when the old board was around. But 32 bit is essentially the same as 24 bit with regard to dynamic range. Those extra 8 bits are 'parking spaces' used when the 24 bit file is recalculated in DSP algorithms. When the processed audio comes out the backside, it's internally dithered back to 24bit, where the 'parking spaces' are excluded. As I understand it, that method helps maintain audio integrity and minimize or exclude any artifacts from DSP.

Most current DAWS offer the choice of 24 or 32 bit session files. I always use 32 bit. Why? Well - if ya got 'em - smoke 'em. :)

Well thanks for the info and Ive been using 88.2 , and not sure if its just me, and Im hoping not , but WOW seems to be a big difference in detail and articulation !!!????

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