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Aug 3, 2013
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I want to configure my 788 to simultaneously send four channels out to a quadraphonic reel to reel deck. Is there a way to do this using AUX SENDS and other monitor channels, or some other method that gets me more than 2 channels output? I could do 2 channels panned L & R at a time, but I'm afraid I'll run into synchronization problems trying to match-up the track pairs on the Akai GX 280D-ss reel to reel deck. :p

If memory serves me right you can do this by sending to the L and R Aux outs - these tracks should be set to Pre Fader and you control the volume using the Aux send dial on screen.
Then you can use the Monitor outs (internal pan) set to L and R and I think (its been a while) you can control the volumes using the internal faders.
Both of these the external faders are pulled down.

I also think you can use the stereo outs set to L & R and use the external faders to control the volume.

This gives you six outs.

There used to be a description of this on the old fourm - check out the old fourm posts and docs if you can.

HTH Zeek
Try this:
If that doesnt work, go to the Documents & Manuals link for the 2488 - go to Doubles Home Guide - there is a description in there that is very similar for the 788.

Infact the guide is easily adaptable to the 788 in many ways, well worth downloading.


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