5.1 Configuration Tweaks


Feb 3, 2013
Gear owned
SX-1 LE v. 1.52
I'm now trying to set up my room for mixing 5.1 film projects. Using the default 5.1 setup leaves me without the ability to apply minor output delay to my FL, FR and Center speakers as I need to. I'm also noticing in my initial tests that despite routing and patching everything logically, I get no signal to the Boom buss.

I'm not using any external bass management and am thinking of using the CUE buss as a way to solo/test the low end on the full range content while keeping the Boom buss specifically for the LFE channel. Am I on the right path? I'd really like to be able to monitor directly from the SX-1 for now without the need for an external surround processor. My plan is to mix to calibrated, discrete channels from the SX-1 and then print the various stems to my DAW via ADAT.

I'm open to suggestions.



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