644 Main LCD Not Lighting Up

Discussion in 'TASCAM DIY Repairs and Mods' started by delinreid, Mar 26, 2023.

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    Mar 2023
    Tascam 644
    Hey Everyone,

    Got a 644 a little while back, and finally got round to building a power supply for it. Plugged everything in and that machine lights up and buttons function, but neither of the LCD panels are lighting up. I haven't tested audio yet. Anyone got any clues?

    Another thing to note, the power supply is sending +/-15v, 7v and GND. Supposedly, this is acceptable, is this the case? Is there a chance I've sent too much voltage to the LCD and fried it? It did power up for a split moment a handful of times upon turning on the machine, but it no longer does so.

    All advice is very welcome - thanks!