70's type of singer/songwriter ballad (anyone want to collaborate)?


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Jun 22, 2022
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Honest and straight from the heart.... I wrote this back around 1978/1979 back when I was finishing up high school and sadly had to part ways with my girlfriend. I decided to join the military (US Coast Guard) and she went of to college to become an X-ray technician in a top notch hospital somewhere.

The song was me pouring my heart out, for her to join me, but as devastating as it sounds, she wanted no part of the military and/or military lifestyle, military wife, type of thing... And that was the end of it.

Like I said, I wrote this as a young teenager, and after the devastating blow of the breakup, I put the song aside and never bothered with it for about 40 years. I rediscovered it, and started messing around with it all over again. I decided to adapt it to piano versus guitar.

If anyone wants to help me collaborate on this heartfelt ballad, let me know. I have the tracks all re-recorded on my Tascam DP-03SD (Yamaha keyboard & drum machine, acoustic guitar, bass, vocals). Maybe help me re-do it with another instrument of some sort. Maybe add another guitar or a harmony vocal. What do you think?

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I like it. DM sent.
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Thank you... That big "sigh" at the end of video was not intended, but was more of a sigh of relief, as I made it through the video performance with no mistakes. :)
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Thinking back to this post and the video.... I hope The Beatles (today's legal agency) don't get offended that I kind of "borrowed" from the very last note of "A Day in the Life" from the legendary Sgt Pepper album, where all 4 Beatles (and George Martin) all simultaneously hit that infamous E Major chord on multiple pianos inside Abbey Road studios. I took that idea and made it into a double octave D major chord with an F# bass, and let it sustain and sustain, just like they did.

Is it me, or does every song, somehow, someway, have a Beatles influence in it? I mean, like, 50-60 years later... and "The Fab Four" are still deeply musically connected to us?! :cool:
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we replicated that chord on guitars one night. Sort of sounded right hehe

No, I am wrong, it was the opening chord on A Hard Day's Night

I'd offer to collaborate, but you already have bass in there.

I can only play the cowbell apart from bass lol
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Butch did give me his tracks. I took some time and edited them for timing. I added some orchestral stuff. I am going to add some guitars but I got very busy with commercial studio stuff.

If, at the end of all the collaborations @ButchA, if you would like me to mix and master, I will be able to do that after this crunch is over.
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Oh wow.... Yeah, sure! Some orchestration would be wonderful! Please feel free to take the tracks and mix them down!
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I apologize for not finishing it earlier @butch a. I'm also doing a collaboration with Clay Joule and I even had to put that on hold for awhile. He's been doing well in the charts and when I get around to finishing that I think he'll have another hit record. I have to clear my plate! I'm busier now in my 60s than my 30s.

At some point I am going to release a short clip of a cover I'm doing, since many on the forum enjoy doing covers of famous tunes. So, why not? After April I think....

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