A dead IFFWDM..... can it be saved?


Sep 29, 2012
Gear owned
Tascam DM24
The IFFWDM only has one firmware. Once corrupted the card is dead. Is there still a way to ressurect such a card.

The Tascam service centers used to be able to pull this off. But now the card is old and abandoned. How to go about...?
From the IFFWDM manuals on the Tascam website:

The DM-24’s firmware can be upgraded by replacing the internal EPROM chips or by a MIDI transfer. EPROMs must be installed by a TASCAM service center

Did you try updating it again via MIDI?

If that didn't work, it sounds like firmware got corrupted and Tascam needs to replace the EPROM chips.
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But I'm talking about the eprom chips for the IFFWDM. You are probably talking about the DM24 eproms (where the 2.10 or 3.00 firmware lives for the mixer itself). The mixer itself works.
Ah ok. I was quoting from the IFFWDM manual. Assumed they were talking about the cards EPROMS
Today the unit was here..... No show under W7 64 bit.... Too bad. But I could get it going under W8 64 bit... Sorta... It was there and the units talked. WDM was working. But ASIO seemed not possible.

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