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Oct 19, 2012
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Hello all

I've set the board up for transfer from ADAT to my DAW Sonar X2, Via the input bypass procedure, this is a great feature. the only issue I have is that I am getting a distorted sound from the ADAT tracks, and channel one just pegs and is all distortion. but the track on ADAT is fine. I am assuming it might be some type of clocking setting ? but not sure where to go with it, these are 1st Gen ADAT machines. running 16 bit 44.1 any input is greatly appreciated .. thanks Jim
Are you sure it's not 48K?
Jasmire ,,, you are correct,. thanks. I looked up the specs they sample at 48k. Iam assuming I just need to change the clock speed on the project page ? Thanks for the quick response..
Indeed. Once you change the clock speed, you will see a little red light on the left side of the console change 44.1K to 48k. Keep us posted. Sonar X2 is pretty powerful!
Ahhh, yes right in front of my nose !!! LOL thanks jamsire, and yes Sonar X2 is killer , Thanks again , Havent gotten back to the board yet to try it out , I will let you know
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