Add A VGA Monitor to Your Tascam 788


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Oct 16, 2012
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We are currently developing a VGA Monitor Interface for the Tascam 788 and thought that you may be interested in brief a preview.

As with our modules for the 2488, the circuit board fits inside the Tascam 788 and reproduces the Tascam’s LCD display on a standard PC monitor.

We currently have a working prototype and hope to be able to announce details of cost and availibility in 3 or 4 months.

If you think that you maybe interested in this VGA Interface or have any questions please post a comment below.

Steve (HGR Music)

Here's another screen shot from the prototype of our VGA Monitor Interface for the Tascam 788.

As always, if you have any comments or questions please post them here.

Steve (HGR Music)

Here's the first demo video of the HGR-788 VGA Monitor Interface for the Tascam 788.

Steve (HGR Music)
Pretty nifty! Too bad you don't show the actual installation and the interconnect to the monitor too.
I will have to surf your website.
I will have to surf your website.
Just FYI: the dates on that thread are over 10 years old. Steve/HGR stopped producing his VGA interfaces years ago - much to the agonized pinings of many a 2488xxx enthusiast (present company included)...and you can't buy one now for love or money (or even a first-born child, which I've offered)...

Also FYI: his website (which has been inaccessible since Obama was POTUS) DID have a great video showing install. It was so easy that even a drummer could do it. Wellll...maaaaybe not a drummer....:LOL:

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