Add XLR to DP01?


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Dec 30, 2012
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DP01 US-428 Fireone
Just wondered if anyone knows if it's possible to add XLR sockets to the DP01?, I know the 'FX' model has them and Phantom power but i'm not interested in the phantom power just the XLR sockets. Behind the front plastic fascia is a metal plate that is pre-cut for the sockets as obviously the same plate was used for the FX model. The pcb behind that also has the points on the board where the XLR sockets solder into as also the same pcb must have been used on both models.

just wondered that's all :)
umm, maybe you should just get an impedence transformer with xlr on the input and phone jack on the other. probably better than breaking out your circuit board and soldering to it. In addition, that board probably doesn't have preamps or other impedance matching hardware on the board anyway so the signal wont go anywhere. Same circuit board but its not populated to save money.

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