Adding Second IDE Hard drive


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Aug 6, 2013
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I was wondering if it was possible to add a second IDE hard drive to the Tascam SX-1.

I know I will have to use a Y power cable, and set he second drive to slave. But will the Tascam be able to use the second drive?

Thank You.
I'm surprised no one has run into this issue before???

Any help or information would be appreciated!!

Thank You!
As I understand it you can't add a second hard on the IDE bus of the board because the BE OS does not see it due too no drivers written I would guess. I know you can add a SCSI card to it and have a second drive that way.

I found that just taking off the front cover under the CD drive and pulling the IDE connecter out I could just swap the drive when the unit was off . I just got 3 drives formatted them with the LE 1.52 CD . Now when I have a new project I just swap drives . If you need to free up space just FTP all your folders to a separate PC or back up with the CD-R drive it's slower but it will do the trick.



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