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Nov 13, 2012
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I have recently bought two analog cards for my SX-1 and I was hoping to use them to route my various Synths & Drum Machines outputs directly to the Stereo LR or to a pair of Bus; I am really trying to avoid routing these through the Panel Inputs, the Mixer Channels or the Returns. But it seems that I can only assign one pair of output to a single pair of Bus at a time.
Is there a way to sum all of these outputs to a single Stereo pair? Or am I missing something here?

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I found this post by Muziekschuur on the old Forum from 2006, *** this is exactly what I am looking for. I hope that this will works on the SX-1.

The DM-24 has 32 full channels.
You can only have 24 different RETURN inputs.
So you can only return 24 digital tracks so to speak.
24 TDIF or 24 ADAT.
The 16 analog inputs plus two RETURNS can be used.
TASCAM makes the IF/AN/DM cards which are 8 balanced
inputs and outputs on D-25 connectors. You'll need snakes that go from
D-25 to XLR or TRS, etc. This would give you 32 channels of balanced +4dB line level inputs.
With some tricks, you can have up to 60 inputs simultaneously!
But this is more for a "multi-track" situation, not for multiple line inputs.
The idea is:
Tracks 1-24 can be assigned to channels 1-24.
Any 8 of those 24 tracks can also assigned to channels 25-32.
This is handy for making stereo guitar tracks, one snare compressed and one the lows rolled off, etc.
This is referred to as "multing." Assinging one signal to more then one channel.
***The 16 analog inputs can be assigned directly to the stereo buss if you sacrifice aux sends 1 and 2.
***This allows you only level and pan control over these input signals.
***These would be used for returning the outputs of MIDI modules, samplers, etc.

The internal FX can be assigned directly to the stereo buss rather then to 4 channels of the board.
The same goes for digital inputs 1 and 2 (S/PDIF -AES/EBU) and the assignable returns.
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