Analog input 1-8 stopped working


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Jan 16, 2013
Fairfield, VT USA
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DM 3200
1-8mic/line stopped working, 9-16 are OK.
I hit the control surface (not too hard ;) ) and the channels came back on line. Loose ribbon connector???
Any suggestions? I've used the board full time in the studio since they were first released. No other issues except failed lcd, replaced with Seemy card.

Is the problem intermittent or are the channels still working after a reboot?

You're probably right - it's a loose cable. The fact that the entire bank of M/Ls are affected definately points to it. If you're up to it, carefully pop open the top cover of the console and take a look.

Hey CaptDan,

Thanks for the reply. It just started yesterday. I'm using all outboard pre's feeding the line inputs 1-8, with the exception of channels 1-2 which are fed by the assn 1-2 (these have continued to work). I thought my UA 2-610 (ch 3-4) was fried. It's working right now and I have a long tracking session tomorrow, what to do..............???? :confused:
If you don't want to check the console's innards to determine if there's a loose cable, you have few choices.

Can you spare the 9-16 inputs, or are those already dedicated? If not, assign those to the outboard pres. If they're already populated with other gear, and none of your outboard pres have alternate I/O (adat, for example), I don't know what else to suggest.

5 of the 9-16 are dedicated. I have an old :oops: Behringer ada8000 that I could reroute the pre's through and lightpipe in if necessary. Thanks for the suggestion. :D

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