another 8 analog I/Os?


Jul 25, 2013
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Okay so I got this new DM-4800 and I have a surround card from my 3200 that I put in it, question is... I also have an analog card, Coming from a 3200 do I really need another 8 analog I/Os in the 4800 or should I just sell it?
Only you can answer that question...
I have three analog cards - Perfect for adding outboard gear without a patch bay. I say keep it unless you have some other item you're looking to get, then sell it.

Funny, I thought the same thing when I first bought my console way back when - why would they sell "analog cards?"
If my 3200 had another slot, I would probably add in another analog card. I've been using my patch bay to allow access to the 8 channels of I/O on my one AN card. Two cards could eliminate that (almost). Unfortunately, both my slots are filled....FW and Analog. I would keep it and use it.
Come to think of it, ---and I have NO experience with the Surround Card-- couldn't you just assign your 5.1 channel mix to 6 channels of an analog card? (Thinking, why not just sell the 5.1 card and get another 8 channel analog card?)
I haven't tried using the surround card for analog outs, but it looks like you can send 8 channels out if you setup the downmix on the Digital tab / surround card slot screen.

In stereo mode:
Select Operation (pod 4) and check the "downmix" box
Select Routing (pod 4) and select your output channels (L, R, Line 3-8).

In surround mode it defaults to the the flavour of surround you have selected (L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS, CS, 8)
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I was very interested in the Surround Card at one time. But like a new toy, I know myself and I would turn all my mixes into an intergalactic mess. I wish I were more mature. I really should learn spatial mixing techniques.

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