Assigning F keys from DM 3200 Control Panel with Nuendo 6


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Jun 2, 2014
Phnom Penh
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DM 3200
The General Control works fine, using Mackie Protocol.
But if want to assign an F key (in this case F1 for ADR Rehearse in Nuendo 6) nothing going on.
I assign in both Mackie and Mackie2, but nothing happen.

Any idea, what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for any help

Are you there Jamsire?
No, Jamsire is a member on this forum who has an excellent bead on how to do a lot of the midi assignments. I was asking him if he was there so that he could chime in on your question.
And here I am!!! So funny because I was gonna post a question somewhere else.

Theodor - have you watched my Cubase - DM4800 midi control video? I think the answer is there.

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