Atr 60-16 1" mod?

Daniel Hodges

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Jan 25, 2016
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Hello! I recently purchased a Tascam ATR 60-16 1" deck, and I'm thrilled to start working on it. However, I was curious if any one know if you could convert the headstack to an 8 track 1" recorder for more awesomeness? Was the atr60-8 a 1" machine, if so could I possibly find a headstack from one of those machines and install it on my 60-16? Any other exciting modifications that can be done to these decks? I used one for a few weeks a while back and really loved it, hopefully the feeling remains.
The 60-8 was a 1/2 " machine.Maybe JRF Magnetics can build you a head block assy.-more to it than just installing the head.Personally I wouldn't do anything,except get a complete alignment,recal and bias for the brand of tape you are going to use-and run it at 15 ips.

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