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Apr 16, 2024
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Good evening, my name is Dave and i'm new here. My new DM 4800 is working well but the output on, for example, buss 1-2 is mono. I play a stereo track on channel 1-2 and route that to buss 1-2. On my pc, connected via firewire with the mixer i run Reason or Audition, i select the two input busses and the signal comes in on both channels but it's mono. The sound of the output on my speakers is stereo. Buss channels 1 and 2 are linked. Input channel 1 and 2 are linked too. Somewhere in the process, something makes the signal mono. I tried a lot of things, unlink the two buss channels aand pan them hard left and right but nothing works. I know i'm 62 years old and i always worked on a DM 24 and at that age, changing things goes with troubles. Underwear for example. I hope there's somebody who can help me out of this thing. Thanx, Dave.
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make sure the mono button isn't turned on. right side in the monitoring section.
There is also a toggle under preferences to make buss pan follow the stereo pan for channel assigns. You will figure it out!
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Also, sometimes I find buss panning gets ‘stuck’ - if worse comes to worse, start w a new / template snapshot.
Hi Dave.
Have you tried assigning the Left channel to Buss 1 and Right channel to Buss 2?
If you assign either channel to buss 1 & 2 at the same time it will go to mono.
Hope that helps.

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