Aux Sends encoder mode problem


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Jan 4, 2013
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Hello ,
Lately i ve been having some problems with my dm3200 when i am trying to controll auxs sends, with the encoders.While the first 8 channels work well, the second 8 are still controlling pan.This problem ocures both in Remote and console layers.
Any help would be much appreciated.
The DM3200 has 8 auxes. So when the first 8 encoders are assigned, the 2nd eight encoders remain open for assigning to separate function.

Since I've never tried to do what you're attempting, I can't be absolutely sure
of that, but it seems logical unless somebody knows otherwise.

Ah!! CaptDan - you make sense.

oblivion - each channel has eight >>available auxes." I bet if you select channel 9, the eight available auxes will be waiting for you.
First of all thank you CaptDan and Jamsire for the quick reply.
I was wrong in my previous post cause i thought that sends didn't work correctly while in the channel layers,in fact the work perfectly.But when i am in remote layer it still bugs me that the second batch of encoders wont change to aux send lvl when i press the aux button.
So let me explain the situation , lets say that i have 14 tracks in logic, and all of them are being send to aux1(in logic).In the Dm while i am in the remote layer , i want to be able to control the send lvl on each channel individually with the encoders. I can do that with encoders 1-8 but encoders 8-16 are always in pan mode.I am almost sure that i was able to do this before.

thanks in advance

After some hours of testing things out without any luck, i found an option called ''rebuild defaults'' under controller surfaces menu, in logic and that fixed my problem.I feel silly because it was that simple. :)

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