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Oct 23, 2013
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788 DP-008
I was wondering if anyone using a DP-008 has done enough recording on it to have basic EQ settings for acoustic guitar and vocals? I know each guitar and voice is different but I'd like a starting point to use while recording?
Remember that mic placement and the type of mic you are using will be the biggest factors. Is it a dynamic or a condenser, is it a cardiod patteren pickup or an omni? It also depends on the type of guitar you are trying capture but you can get a great deal of tone changes just by moving the microphone around the sound hole. Inches make a big difference. Try it about six iches away from the sound hole and start listening with the mic positioned near the neck then move it back a few inches at a time in and out up and down till you find the sweet spot you are looking for. I have three acoustics and each one varies in it's tone. Of course the song and how hard the guitar strings are being plucked (hit) will also be a major factor. Lastly I suggest no EQ when you record the initial track. Keep it flat to start. You can always add EQ when mixing but it's tough to take it away without effecting the overall tone once you have recorded it. Digital recording is great but it only records what it is given so give it a sound close to what you are looking for and tweek it with a little EQ later.
I agree with rick, record it flat, add eq later, if recorded right, might not need to adjust eq

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