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Oct 19, 2012
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DM 4800
Hello everyone

just wanted to give a big thanks to Jamsire for his help today with the 4800!!! awesome job and if any of you guys need any help he is a wealth of knowledge and eager to help out fellow DMers. thanks Jamsire
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Ernie's kindly spent a lot of phone time helping me with Ptools when I first came aboard. Plus, he's filled with great stories about 'stuff' - gtrz, gear, Cubase, Protools, recording - etc etc. He knows the DM boards inside and out.

Thanks, Mr Jamsire! :)

YAY!!! Gotta share what you know!

The 80's were all about secrecy and covert knowledge - boo!

The more I help demystify the board, the quicker good music gets made.

YAY! Good music!

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