Broken ADAT card ( if-ad/dm) ?


Jan 2, 2013
Nashville, TN
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DM4800, iffw
I have two ADAT cards in DM4800 slots. One is not functioning correctly. It seems either distorted or super loud. If I turn the source up and the output to something really low like -70db and then turn my speakers down, it actually sounds pretty clear, but at normal volumes it is all digital noise. It's as if the volume on the card itself were cranked up insanely high. Anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks.
First with the power off to the DM, reseat the ADAT card and then check it again. Before re-inserting the ADAT card you may also want to check the card edge connector for wear or corrosion and visual inspect the card looking for any damage such as broken, missing or fried looking components.

Second, if you have not already done so, swap the suspected bad ADAT card into the card slot that has the correctly working ADAT card. This will check for bad DM card slot. You might also put the correctly ADAT card in the other slot as well and check that. This will confirm the DM slots and if the problem follows the card.

Try to sync by differnt clock! Not ADAT Wordclock, take BNC Wordclock or the other way.

I have a similiar problem.

Good luck and best regards
Contact TASCAM customer support with your mixer's serial #. You may need a hardware fix.
Did anyone find a solution to this problem. Have the same problem with two ADAT cards on my DM3200 in both slots. When using the built in adat, there is no problem.. They worked fine in my DM24. there a known problem with dm3200/4800 slots, since you suggest a hardware fix ?
Contact TASCAM support with your serial #, they will look up if you need a swap for the option card motherboard. This only affects some units.
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I suddently remember this thread, as then i had my HD24 home, and had some problems, ignored it, as i could clock via adat, and the problem seemed to had disapeared.. Forgot about it until i bought a presonus Firestudio and wanted to clock it from an extenal source in wordclock.

Please view this thread:
I called and my machine is in the range needing the swap. The parts are free but the labor isn't. They are trying to find a Nashville area repair person to do the job. I don't see sending this thing to California.

I actually have a second DM4800 that was water damaged and I saved it in case I needed spare parts. A lot of the internal boards were ruined, but if I knew the ones I needed, I could probably swap them out myself if they weren't affected by the spill. It has a serial number out of the range of problem machines.

Redbus do you know the two parts I would need to swap out?

If you are familiar to swap cards in a computer, you can easily do the job on the mixer yourself. It took me about 10 min. If you open up the mixer, you will se where the option cards are installed. They are attached to a print just like a pci raiser card. Those are the ones you need to swap.
Yes, it's an easy job - just get the parts sent to you. Once you are inside you can see the slot back plane easily.
They said they could not just send them to me. I told them I was pretty good at tech stuff but they insisted that one of their techs would have to do the job.
If my other machine has the other cards undamaged, then there's no problem. But I dread the downtime if I have to take it or even worse send it to a Tascam repair tech.
Probably because the parts are not being purchased since they are free according to the serial number you provided. I could understand that in a way. I'd try swapping out the parts with the spare you have first.
I did the swap using the ones from the damaged machine. Seems like it worked. Maybe I am slow, but it took me longer than expected.

I wish I had know about this years ago. I spent countless hours flipping things around trying to find what I thought was a fault in the way I was setting things up.
0ut of curiosity, what is the serial number range for units affected?
I've learned from RedBus that the most accurate way to determine if you have the old or updated backplane is by going to the Utility menu and looking at the mixer version number. If it has a "." after the numbers then it has the updated backplane.

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