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Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:07 pm

Hi. I have used my MX-2424 in many years. But lately i build a rack with 5 scsi disks but I only had a cable with scrues on both ends , While fully working, the cable fell of back on the MX. The hd's did not work afterwards, but after some time I was able to reformate all disks in my pc with adaptec card,.Only to find that my Mx don't sense disks on either outside or inside plügs. The same rack is fully working in pc, I messures two small resitors right behind the outside plug, Both where zero (0.00ohm). But there can be other faults after this power chock to the bus. Any help is appreciated.


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When you say the MX does not sense the drives, have the drives been formatted fat32, and did you initialise the drives after, remember the MX initialises the drives without them being mounted. I have fitted new drives and the MX will not see them but you can still format and initialise them unmounted.

I don't understand why the MX did not see the drives after the cable fell out, unless there is a damaged pin in there somewhere. I would have thought that re-booting the MX would have cleared any lockup.

Thanks ! There was one pin broken on the cable that fell of. This cable is vaisted. The disks can't be initialized. Can't be cleaned, formatted . All before mount. I even tried one hd with mx files still on, but no reaction on my MX . Seems like I need a new motherboard?

When you try to mount the drive with the mx files on it what message do you get?
The cables with the broken pin, did you retrieve the broken pin from the socket?
I have had problems with broken and bent pins in the past, especially on the cables that plug into the drives.

At this stage I don't think the problem is the mother board, I would keep investigating a bit longer.

Thanks ! There are no message on MX when I connect one or more drives. Only the usual sound from the discs. I ripped off all that was scrued to the MX and put the rest in the freezer overnight.... And chech after 24 hours with careful natural warming.
The freezer trick gave no new result . I kindly ask for a circuit sceme of the mb in MX-2424.
I think you are looking in the wrong areas, it sounds like a connection issue, when you connect the drives to a computer, do you use the exact same cable, case, drive power supply etc? Does it all then show up on the computer?

Why the freezer? This is for completely dead drives to recover data.

Just to clarify, you plug in the drives, turn on the MX, it goes through the usual start up, then shows no drives mounted? Or does it all lock up?

Yes Alan. Just as you say. I always connnect the cable from the disk cabinet to the mx or the pc before powering up these. And nothing happens in MX, but all 5 scsi disks show up in the pc. I always cheched this first in the pc to avoid wrong adressing or faulty pins. And all worked fine in MX before the cable fell of at the back. I have asked Tascam parts today for a new motherboard. They are very busy, so they said response would take up to a week. I also found a used MX-2424 at Ebay, and bough it for ungoing projects. It should take 100-240 VAC voltage , or not ?
Do you know any local tech guys that may be able to fix the problem? A mother board could cost as much as another secondhand MX. If you know any tech guys I could send you the schematics for the MX.


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