CakeWalk's Sonar X3 Tascam DM 4800 interface and external sound issues.


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Aug 17, 2014
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DM-4800, Sonar X3, Win7
Hello All.
Yes, I'm a Newbe-. I just got around to playing with my new work horse, the DM-4800. However, this is old technology compared to the newer Behringer surface mixer, yet I heard great things about the 4800, aka DM.
Anyway, the beast scared the "stuff" out of me. The instructions are almost worthless. Needing information, I Google for some and here I am. Please do the video. Please, please, do the video before someone get's a "nice talking to at the place I bought it from". Lol.

I got her wired up and interfaced to my DAW. By the way, the DAW is a Windows 7 machine with only 16GB RAM and an AMD Athlon quad processor running at just about 4Ghz. It is a dedicated machine that runs Sonar X3e, Native Instrument Suite, and Project Sam software.
The DM sees the DAW and the DAW sees the DM. I'm also connected to two MOTO MTPAVs. I have NO Tascam cards connected, such as fire-wire...etc.

1. I can't get sound out of the DM...including using head phones.
2. I can not automate Sonar to the DM---the faders or pods.
I have not read the download:
and article you referenced earlier, but I will starting tomorrow I hope.

I want to get moving on my ideas, but I need a little coaching. So Captain, if you or Jamshire, or anyone else can assist on this start up with my DM and Sonar's X3 version, then I'll be happy.

Response and Answers:
#1 - This needs to be a new topic.

#2 - You will never get sound from your DM and your DAW without an audio interface. You did not mention having one!

Okay, as a new Topic:
My audio recorders interfaces: ECHO three Layla's II, and ALESIS HD24's ADAT.

#3 - Read the Sonar document.
I've read SONAR X and SONAR X2 the books, and I've sat through Cakewalks video's, as well as, watched Craig Andertons video. Both extremely informative.

And I just sprung for the 2seeme interface for a VGA monitor for the 4800.

I want this DM 4800 to be "my surface" Mixer.
Are you or CaptDan going to do a video on Sonar X3 and the DM-4800?

1. Again - we are not doing videos - they take too long and Sonar is just another DAW program that works like all the rest that I do not use.

2. The Behringer technology is a different machine altogether - there is no comparison whatsoever. The Behringer debuted at the 2009 NAMM show - a year later than the DM.

3. I meant read the Sonar document that is listed on the forum right here.

4. Just hook your LAYLA into the console via the line inputs in the console. Connect your HD24 via the ADAT I/O in the back of the console.

5. Learn the routing system by reading this document right here.

6. Read the manual - a few times.

7. Search the forum - you'd be very surprised how many of your questions have been answered.
The Behringer debuted at the 2009 NAMM show - a year later than the DM.

One small correction if I may: the DM 3200 debuted in the latter half of 2005. I think the 4800 followed shortly afterwards.

But I agree; comparing Uli's product with the DM is like comparing an eggbeater to an outboard motor. They both work, but an eggbeater requires more muscle in a seaway. :)

PS: I still intend to do a DM video; I just had to put it aside for awhile.

I just don't feel that making videos "on demand" is something that should be expected by the people who purchased the unit and now have questions they should have asked the dealer or the previous owner.

If I discovered something cool and have the time, then maybe. But when I get asked to make a video for a DAW product I don't even use, then I have to 'say something. ' In any case, searching the forum is the best way to get the answers to many questions.
It's true - producing instructional videos is difficult and time consuming. (In a previous life, I worked on a few hundred [behind the camera], so I get it. ] Agreed, too, that users should TRY to problem solve on their own first; it not only leads to confidence, it builds character. :)

However, I think you and I should team up and do a wide screen color special on the DMixers with the Atari ST. Should be a big market for that, don'tcha think? :ugeek::geek:

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That's the giggle I needed today!
However, I think you and I should team up and do a wide screen color special on the DMixers with the Atari ST.
If you guys do that I solemnly swear to get my old ST from the proverbial attic, dust it off and connect it to the DM (with MIDI only, I'm afraid). I'll even connect the separate (and separately powered) 20 MB hard drive! :)
20 MB!!! I remember when that was Top Dog. Of course, I also remember the War Of 1812, Knickers, Hoola Hoop, Ottoman Empire, and George Washington's election.

And I never forgot to exaggerate. o_O;)

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While you're at it can you knock one up for the Commodore 64 and the Mac Plus (running O/S from floppy)? Man, we've come a long way since then.
Thank you for your replies.
First, I apologize to this forum if I have implied or insinuated that I had not read or searched for solutions to my situation. I’ve read the manuals but just now check the internet. Obviously I was hoping to find a quicker fix. “Agreed, too, that users should TRY to problem solve on their own first; it not only leads to confidence, it builds character.” (CaptDan, 2014) Nevertheless, I did not know I would have this issue when I purchased the DM 4800, so I did not ask the dealer the question(s).

Furthermore, in searching for a quick solutions on the web, Google pointed me to Jamshire's youtube for Tascam, and CaptDan's at this forum. In watching Jamshire on Youtube, for the DM-4800 and Protools, he mentioned that his editorial/review did not include Sonar and a host of other software. However, he did say that it might be similar. He is right. Yet, as expected, there are nuances.

In addition, as far as, the videos are concerned; I initially read what CaptDan wrote and thought that this was a possibility and could be a good idea...etc., because, before we started superficially searching for a quick fix, I thought that my son and I could do the job, video record it and edit it later, since we are just weekend warriors for the moment. I imagined that the video could help others who use Sonar and Pro Tools like us.

Secondly, what brought me to pursue this channel was, we were watching and listening to Jamshire's Guitar playing and thought he was very good on the 12 string. So, we voted, at 2:30 AM, for me to email this forum and hope that Jamshire would answer, and possibly guide us to a quick solution.

Thirdly, it appears that I've touched a sore spot or exposed a nerve on Jamshire, regarding reviewing Sonar with the DM, due to his unfamiliarity with the product which is understandable because he does not use the product. I didn’t know that teeth would be shown because of my questions. “But when I get asked to make a video for a DAW product I don't even use, then I have to 'say something.” (Jamshire, 2014) No worries. We all have teeth. "Go Hard"! Yes, I have Qi too.

Nevertheless, I was indirectly giving you a complement, while trying to get an issue solved. In written communications, things can be taken the wrong way, misinterpreted. I will not make the same mistake twice. I really understand the time it takes to make a video or movie.

However, regarding the video concern, CaptDan had posed it in the forum, and I liked his idea. A host of other forum members liked the idea as well. I had no delusions that CaptDan's video would be completed before I solved my issues of system integration. However, I still think it is a good idea for CaptDan to indulge himself in both video's. I too like Atari, and I have two "Working Atari 1040 ST's".

Consequently, I became a member of this forum to get an issue solved and hopefully learn enough, and gain enough credibility to help someone else. The philosophy is similar to what I read by CaptDan. However, respect is a two way street gentlemen and in particular, Jamshire.

Well gentlemen, with respect, we shall be back working on the issue this weekend. So far, the Layla’s are working fine. The signal from the computer to the Layla and the MTPAV’s are working fine. We have the Mackie emulator in Sonar working or at least it is seen by the 4800.

· Triple checking the wiring layout and schematics, via point to point continuity.
· Lastly, we’ll review and revisit the software aspect of this Sonar X3 to DM 4800 system logic tree.
· I may have to perform a point by point software system analysis as well; Win7 and all subsequent software.

Jamshire, thank you for the extra reading, it added to my repertoire. It was good info.

CaptDan, your “Spot On” with your reverse reading methodology. Forum, I Thank you.
Glad that most of your system is up and running, and I thank YOU for your insights and opinions.

I just wanted to mention a few things...............

My 'Atari ST' quip was tongue in cheek; occasionally I dive off the 'silly board' into the deep end of satire. It's not directed at anything or anybody, just my tendency to act stupid sometimes. For further info, talk to my wife; she knows all about my midlife adolescence. :)

Videos: I began planning two short pieces several months ago, and both were set aside while I finished my album and started the marketing efforts. I will likely get at least one of those videos done this fall. But the topics I picked are quite specific - Parallel EQ/compression in an OTB workflow, and - hopefully - a pictures & words description of my 'Routing Zen' post. I think the latter would be especially helpful to new users; the former, for more advanced folks.

Finally, I think this forum's history is unknown to many of the newer members. There have been three incarnations, at least with regard to the DM3200/4800 mixers. The second incarnation which ended abruptly in 2012 was due to the sudden passing of the Administrator. For seven months, there wasn't a Tascam Forum at all - for any of the Tascam product you see today in this version. Eventually, the 3rd version was born, the one we're using now. Unfortunately, many of the original topics, files, stickies, and links were never recovered. But it's been quite an effort to bring the engines up to speed, and we have several people to thank for that, and I'm not one of them. So - a round of applause to DJ-X, Jarno, Musiekschuur, and a few other individuals I'm not aware of, but whose contribution was invaluable in reviving this website. (If I left anybody out it isn't deliberate; my Tascam forum experience began in 2010 and I'm not familiar with many of the original members and administrators.)

The reason for my long-winded post is to provide a little background in the hopes that newcomers will understand the difficult past of this forum. For quite awhile, it was looking grim for there ever being a forum again. So if this one seems a little lacking in some ways, it's understandable because it took a Herculean effort to get the train back on the tracks in the first place.

Keep us posted on your adventures. :)

Just so you know, in the corner of my bedroom is my still functioning Commodore Amiga 4000 with a MIDI interface...upgraded with a Motorolla 060 40Mhz upgrade and 500MB SCSI-2 Drive ...16bit audio card, 10base-T network card, CD-ROM and flat screen monitor :) I kid you not!
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Yes sir. I will.
And the Amiga,... You are so ole school COOL. The Toast Master 7--- Yes!!!
Loved it!

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