Calibration Diagram for Tascam MSR 24


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Jan 4, 2013
Hi Everybody! Happy New Year!
Does anyone have calibration diagram on Tascam MSR 24? I think I know the method of calibration, but I don't know which knob is which to ajust
Please, send me PDF if it exists
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Re: help me please!!!

Thank you very much! I've seen this video, but I dont know which knob is which on my recorder and I need the knob diagram
Re: help me please!!!

From left to right:
R301 Repro EQ
R303 Repro Level
R304 Meter Level
R305 Record Level
R306 Rec Eq
R308 Record Bias
L3 Bias Trap
L4 Rec Bias Tuning
L5 erase Bias tuning.
From the tone of your original question,it sounds like you don't have much experience with alignment of multi-track tape recorders.Also, wiithout the Playback alignment tape,(MRL),playing around with adjustments will sometimes just make things worse.
Re: help me please!!!

Thank you buddy! But I have different screws numbers and quantity:
from left to right:
222(472)103(682)222(103)682(682)104 and 3 more screws in metal cover - two are grey and the last is blue. In brackets screws are little deeper.
On the left side there are 9 more vertical screws in 3 groups ...???????
Yes, I don't have an experience in alignment multitrack, andt I have no any specialists around. Only one thing that I have is - my problem. I have Yamaha RM 2408 recording mixer with osc out of 100Hz 1 Khz 10 Khz and I have Basf 900 new tape and I think I could record these signals and tune all parameters. Tell me please what is wrong in my thoughts. Why do I need MRL tape? Couldn't I do all these things with my equipment? Please, listen:
I feed 1kHz trough mixer channel and tune 0 db and send it to recorder and tune input level 0 dB, Then I will record this signal and then will tune repro level...
In global I have the only problem: in write and read levels- record and repro - they are too different.
Re: help me please!!!

If you remove one of the cards,(they unplug),and look closely at the printed lettering on the card,,you will see the numbers of the pots. EVERY card in EVERY MSR 24 has the locations marked.You can't "tune" the playback levels/Eq without the Playback/MRL alignment tape. The MRL tape is used to adjust playback level and Eq to a known standard.Also, the tones on the MRL tape are recorded as one big track, so you can adjust the head azimuth,(phase between trk1 and 24 are the same).What you can do is re-bias the machine for the tape you are going to use and re-adjust the record level.The playback adjustments are done first.You should contact whoever is in Russia that is the Tascam distributor,( TASCAM: ),and see if they can't get you the Operation/Maintainace manual for your deck.If the alignment is not done the proper way,any tape made on your deck will not playback correctly on another deck,or be worse off when you are done.Not to be disrespectful-but it sounds like you're in over your head.
There are many websites that have basic instructions in analog tape recorder alignment.You just need to get some education-and the info is out there on the web.
Re: help me please!!!

I suggest that unless you know for sure that the alignment is out leave it alone, these machines very rarely went out of alignment and were a lot lest temperamental than the early 2" machines that most people think about. You could end up with a totally unusable machine.


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