Can I play an Alesis QX49 MIDI keyboard into my 2488?


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Nov 25, 2012
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Tascam 2488 Mk II
Hi All

I have just bought an Alesis QX49 MIDI keyboard. I know very little about MIDI with the Tascam. I have connected the two devices with 5 din pin cable. Should it be possible now for me to play my keyboard into my Tascam and record it onto a song? Or do I need to record to an SMF file on my computer and import it?

Thanks in advance

You are going to need to make a midi file for the 2488 to play. You can't access the 2488 sound module directly.
Thanks Keith yes I thought that was the case. Anyway my resolution in the end was simply to go out from my Macs headphone socket and into an input on the Tascam which is just what I want really. So I control the voice through Garageband and can record to a track on the Tascam.

Thanks a lot for your reply and the info.

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