Can you sync multiple Dp24s/32s?


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Aug 16, 2013
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I searched all over Google and I didn't find an answer. Can I midi sync 2 dp24/32 to have more tracks?

I realize I would have to have 2 sd cards and separate saves on each machine. If not I may have to go bigger once the budget allows.
I take it it's not possible. I was going to get another Dp to compliment the 24.
It should be possible by using MIDI. I dont have a DP24 but I have connected my 2488 to both a 788 and a Boss recorder in the past (not all 3 at the same time, 2488 + 788 or 2488+ Boss) Gave me 14 tracks to record on simultaneously

You need to ensure one is the Master and the other is the Slave - I had about a seconds delay for the Slave to respond when recording so be aware of this.

HTH Zeek
I use a Axiom keyboard as a master controller and a Motu Timepiece AV as midi core (8 ports). The Axiom transport, as master, start the slaves, my DAW (Sonar), a 2488 Neo, a Yamaha QY70, and a Simmons Drum Machine, with a little delay until sync. I always leave 4 empty bars at the beginning of my songs to make sure all sync right. Motu MTP AV make it really simple.

If I connect another 2488/Neo or anything else it will work as well.

I read around that DP-24 and 32 has problem as slave, so I'm sure if is possible with then, you'll have to check.
I have 2 DP-32's synced with a midi cable in/out out/in set one to master and the other to slave in the midi screen on the menu I get no lapse at all

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